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Information about new Best Set Ranking
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Author:  [GM] Volkoff [ 20 Dec 2016, 14:54 ]
Post subject:  Information about new Best Set Ranking

How are the scores calculated?
I won't give you the exact formula of the Set Score calculation but I would like to explain a few things to clear out how it's calculated.
Firstly these are the factors that effect a single item's score: (In descending order of importance)
1- Item Type (Degree, SOX Type, EGY A/B etc. Only Item Degrees 11/12/13 are considered.)
2- Item Plus (The final plus value of the item. Advanced elixirs are counted. 30-minute opt. scrolls are NOT counted.)
3- Item White Stats (ALL item white stats are taken into consideration. PhyReinforce, MagReinforce etc. The higher % stat is, the better score it will get.)
4- Item Blues (What matters is the blue count, not the percentage. Eg. Str 2/Str 7 doesn't matter.)

Are all items being calculated?
NO, shields are NOT taken into calculation in any way. The reason of this to make it balanced between s/s players and one handed weapon players.
All other items (Weapon, Equipment, Accessory) are being calculated.

How frequent/when the scores are calculated/updated?
Your set score is calculated and updated every time you teleport in the game. However, it will be written into database (which website takes information from)
when you exit/restart the game. So, to get in the ranking in the website with your new items, after a teleport, you must relog.
However, to see your current set score inside the game, you can write these commands into chat:
!set, !score, !setscore
These commands will give you your latest set scores. Which means your LASTLY calculated score after your last teleport. So if you wore something new and
haven't teleported yet, that item is not calculated yet. Teleport first, and then use !set.

Questions regarding these won't be answered as I explained pretty simple. However, if you have any other questions regarding Best Set Ranking, you may ask here.

With Love,

Author:  CAST [ 21 Dec 2016, 12:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Information about new Best Set Ranking

10000% perfect thanks for information .

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