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Creddy Online is here with Creddy Legend!

Creddy Legend Features
Opening Date: 08.06.2014 Sunday 21.00 GMT+3 Server Time
Level Cap: 100
Skill Cap: 100
Item Cap: 10th Degree
Exp/Sp Rate: 15x [18x Party] (iSro system 30x-36x) [Rates may vary during gameplay]
Drop/Gold Rate: 3x (iSro system 6x)
Race: Chinese Only
Map: Chinese Maps Only
Support: English, Turkish, Spanish
Donation Methods: Worldwide - Mobile, Paypal, Credit Card etc.

• 2 Characters Allowed Per IP.
• Premium stats lowered to 5%.
• Monster spawn ratio has been increased to 2x.
• Grab Pets have 4 pages by default.
• Botting is allowed.
• Removed Vigor Potion from the NPC.
• The Europe parts are removed from Entire Map (M button)
• Skills are balanced.
• Jewel Box rewards are updated with pretty good rewards!
• Lv.7 Job Suits are added.

Opening Date: 08.06.2014 Sunday 21.00 GMT+3 Server Time


MediaFire (fastest)


What's Special on Creddy Legend?
We made few new systems to prevent players from getting bored.

1. New Currencies
1a. "Black Pearls". Black Pearls are dropped from 4 special monsters at Mountain Roc, Undine, Salamander, Gnome, Sylph. To see where these pearls are being used, check the next features.

1b. "Red Pearls". Red Pearls are simply coins that replace 50m gold. This pearls were made to balance the gold ingame, preventing the gold amounts to get amazing high values. Important note: Re-selling Red Pearls to NPC only gives you 50gold!

1.c "Job Points". Job points are earned from trading, huntering, thiefing.

2. Sos / Som / Sun Balances
- You CAN'T get Seal of Sun (SUN) items. They are completely removed from game because they are imbalanced.
- You can get Seal of Star (SOS) items from mobs around the map or uniques. Mobs don't drop SOM/SUN items.
- You can get Seal of Moon (SOM) items from the "Special Shop" located at every shop.

3. Job Points System - Job Arena - Battle Arena - Capture The Flag
Traders will earn job points by trading.
Hunters will earn job points by protecting traders.
Thieves will earn job points by stealing goods from traders.

To buy trader goods, you must pay with Job Points.
And to earn your first job points, you must go to battle arena.
Battle Arena Winning Team: 10 Job Point + 10 Arena Coin
Battle Arena Losing Team: 3 Job Point + 3 Arena Coin

Battle Arena AFK prevention room:

With Capture The Flag, you can earn:
- Creddy Point Scrolls
- Job Point Scrolls

Job Arena is for uniques, but of course those uniques drop the required items to get SOMs. Therefore there will be manly fights to kill those uniques!

7lvl job suits:

4. Beginner Area System
When you create a new character, you spawn at Beginner's Area, not Jangan. To move Jangan from this place, you require the Key of Jangan, this Key Of Jangan drops from 1lvl Pumpkins at Beginner's area. After gathering Key Of Jangan, you can teleport to Jangan.
This Key of Jangan isn't dropped so hard, depending on your luck. This system was made to prevent lvl 1 town spammers!

5. Silk / Creddy Point Per Hour
a. Monsters drop "Silk", that you can spend on Silk Shop. You can buy a free dress, or some other cool stuff from Silk Shop.

b. Creddy Point is the currency you spend at Item Mall. We've activated a system that will give you 1 Creddy Point per hour that you stay online. This system is only available at lvl 100 and limited to 1cp/h per IP Address.

6. 2 Avatar Dress for a week or two
Every week or two, the dresses in item mall will be replaced with other 2 dresses that will make a loop. We didn't want to add all Dresses at once, like we did on other servers.

7. Purfication Pill Fix
Because of mBot's Purfication Pill spam bug, purfication pills are removed from game. Instead, this is added as a skill in Force Tree, requires 0 force level and 0 skill point.

8. Jangan Cave Replaced with Flame Mountain
The ugly jangan cave was replaced with Flame Mountain, filled with 90-100 monsters, high spawn ratio.

9. Title System - Medusa
After collecting tablets from Medusa's small 4 uniques, combining it with a drop from medusa, you can earn the title Medusa.

10. New Support Team
All of Creddy servers lacked support due to low population on team. (Creddy team is actually 2 people) We've added new trustable-experienced users to our family to support our players better!

Screens from Creddy Legend


We wish you a nice gameplay and best of fun.
Creddy Online Team.

And as always, we work with our DDoS protected - low latency to all europe - safe servers and our web system with nice features. It will be nice to see you enjoying our server!

Creddy Online Team

Creddy Online Staff isnt responsible for scamming issues!
Creddy Online Staff will not give extra information about ban issues.Do not PM us to revert your ban.


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