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PostPosted: 19 Jul 2017, 01:51 
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Hello valued Creddy Online players!
It's that time again: a new server & a new excitement!
As you know, we merged PVP-1, PVP-2 & PVP-3 and made PVP-Z. Since then, we weren't creating new PVP servers.
This time, it will be from 5 years old: Nostalgic, original Creddy PVP Spirit! What everyone missed :D

Server will be online at 21.07.2017, 19.00 Server Time (Friday)

Your accounts at PVP-Z will not work. The PVP-Z client will also not work. You have to register a new account and download the new client.

Website Link:
Register Link:
Download Link:

Some things to note about the server: (It's basically what Creddy PVP was 5 years ago, with some bugfixes, quality changes and more events. No systematic changes are made.)
:arrow: Server will be 110 Cap. This means 110 Max Level and 110 Max Skills. Max 11D Items. (Nova, Egy-A & Egy-B)
:arrow: Server rates will be like original, 500x & 750x. You can reach the max level in less than one hour.
:arrow: You will start with 10,000 Silk. Monsters will drop Silk like before. You'll be able to purchase what you could purchase in Creddy PVP @ 2012. No changes.
:arrow: Server will have 2 Fortresses: Hotan & Jangan. Taxes will be what it was before. The fortress war time will be same as PVP-Z (20.00 Server Time), but it will be the next day. (Saturday) There might be no FW first few weeks.
:arrow: Item glows will be old school (what it was like at Creddy PVP Before).
:arrow: Login Intro & Login Music is made oldschool Creddy PVP.
:arrow: The 11D Egy-A weapons will be gatherable by Quests. Egy-B weapons will be gatherable by CP.
:arrow: Survival Event, Weird Maze & Drunk Event will be active. However, these events will not give you "Maze Scroll/CP" like it does now. You will earn Event Points. With these Event Points you will be able to buy different chests that contain special items.
:arrow: Creddy Dollar$ are back! There will be a Creddy Dollar ranking on the website and every month, most Creddy Dollar owners will win.
:arrow: SBOT will be DISABLED! Sbot wasn't being used like it is back in 2012-2013 as it's being used now. We will disable SBOT to keep goldbots away from the game. You can do jobbing to earn gold. If you're going to hunt lots of monsters, you can always use keypresser.
:arrow: Advanced Elixirs will be 1-2-3-4-5. Adv. 6-7 are removed.
:arrow: All new maps are removed. The last town is Alexandria. We believe the main city will be Samarkand again.
:arrow: And more I can't remember now! Hop in to PVP Reborn and see for yourself 8)

Let's come to new server events!

:bitchsmile: Unique Point Events:
First player to hit 500 Unique Points: 100 CP
First player to hit 2,000 Unique Points: 250 CP
First player to hit 5,000 Unique Points: 500 CP
First player to hit 10,000 Unique Points: 1000 CP
First player to hit 25,000 Unique Points: 2000 CP

:bitchsmile: Alchemy Event:
First 2 players to hit make an Egy-B +19 Weapon: An Egy-B Weapon of your choice!

:bitchsmile: Medusa Killer
First player to kill Medusa: Adv. Elixir +4 Weapon!

:bitchsmile: Facebook Share & Win Event!
1. Like our Creddy Online Page in Facebook.
2. Like this post at Facebook.
3. Share this post at Facebook.
4. Tag 5 your friends in this post this post at Facebook.

If you do what's stated above, you will be registered to Facebook event.
At August 1st, (01.08.2017) we will pick 5 random winners (make a video of random pick) and these 5 users will win CP:

1st: 3000 CP
2nd: 2000 CP
3rd: 1500 CP
4th: 1000 CP
5th: 500 CP

Creddy Online Staff isnt responsible for scamming issues!
Creddy Online Staff will not give extra information about ban issues.Do not PM us to revert your ban.


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